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Our enquiry question for this term is:


Is change really needed?


Our Enquiry lessons this term are mainly History based! We will explore the lives of the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. We will look at lots of different aspects of life at this time in history, including; settlements, Kingdoms, legal system, punishments and the conflicts between the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We will also look at Britain changed during this time up until 1066. 


In science we will be studying materials. We will look at solids, liquids and gases and how we can create reversible and irreversible changes between the different states. We will also look at what different materials are used for according to their properties and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of them. 


In design and technology we will be look at products with pulleys, levers and gears. We will be looking at the different mechanisms and link these to Viking and Anglo Saxon weapons. We will design our own product using pulleys, levers and gears and create a prototype before designing and making a final version. 


In PSHE we will cover two topics 'Healthy Relationships' and 'Changing me'. We will look at all types of relationships: friendships, parental relationships, relationships with people you work with and boyfriends/girlfriends. We will also look at how our bodies change as we grow up and look at transition into Year 6. (More information about PSHE will be sent home)