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What makes a happy home? 

During this term we will be exploring the enquiry question 'What makes a happy home?' Have a little think about all of the things that make your home happy. Then have a think about it for animals. Does it matter the continent that they are on? Or the ocean they are in? Then have a think about it for things like plants - what makes a happy home for them. 

During our first few weeks we will be thinking about this question using Maddy the Monkey. 


This is Maddy the Monkey!  She is going to be travelling all over the world during this enquiry to find the perfect place to live.


Take a look at some of the questions we will be exploring: 


During the Autumn term, Year 2 have been exploring the enquiry question...

 'Can one person spark a change?'


We have created the video below to share the wonderful learning and experiences we have done together. 


We hope you enjoy!