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Where in the world should Maddy live?

Our next topic will be centered around this key question, Where in the world should Maddy live? We will be studying habitats all around the world and questioning where is the best place for a monkey (named Maddy) to live. 





We will be looking at where different habitats can be found around the world, while learning the seven continents and 5 oceans to help explain their locations. 


will be looking at the physical features of the seaside like: 

cliffs, coasts, mountains, hills, valleys, waterfalls and rivers. 

Do you know what these words mean? Could you clarify them to help you with your learning? 


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In science we will focus on animals including humans and living things and their habitats. 

We will learning about the basic needs of living things, food chains and life cycles 

while working scientifically to answer scientific questions we create.