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This half term our topic is ...


What will we find at the Seaside?


Our next topic will be centered around this key question, What will we find at the Seaside? We will be studying how the Seaside has changed from the Bathing Machines that were used in the past to the typical buckets and spades that are most commonly used today. 


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Geography at the Seaside

We will be looking at the physical features of the seaside like: 

Cliffs        Harbour     Port      Tide       Waves      Coast       

Do you know what these words mean? Could you clarify them to help you with your learning? 


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As part of our science, we will be looking into a current issue; the amount of rubbish and pollution in the ocean. Children will get an opportunity to investigate the best ways in which we can clean our oceans. We will also be exploring what is currently happening in the world to try to tackle this difficult issue and the work of extraordinary people like Sir David Attenbrough.

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