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Year 2 Homework

Topic Homework - Remember to bring in your homework on a Friday to share with everyone!


Writing based

Creative based

Research based

Write an information text about an animal of your choice.

Include facts like where does it live? What does it eat? What are its basic needs? And any other interesting facts you can find.


Create a habitat in your garden or in a local area. Take photos or draw the habit you have created. 

Research into different predators and prey of a habitat. Can you create a food chain to illustrate what you find out? 

Write instructions on how to look after a pet or an animal you are interested in. 

It doesn’t have to be a pet you have, you can make it up.


Using pencil only, sketch and shade an animal in its natural habitat.

Keep a log of all the animals you can find outside your house.

Is there anything you notice? Do certain animals appear at different times of the day and night? Why do you think this is?


Create a poem about animals. Make it as descriptive as you can to describe your animal.

Recreate a habitat, showing all the different features and the animals that could live there.            


Research into different habitats in different countries.

What do the habitats have in common? What is different?

Present your findings in a creative way (poster, writing, computer graphics etc)