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Autumn 1 term 2019 - topic


This term in topic we are excited to announce we will be doing lots of art! We will be learning to use a pencil to shade in and create sketches, then using different colours to create different moods. In DT we will be making 3D Elmers from milk bottles to go on our Elmer display.  Please save any plastic milk bottles you have and send them in to school with your child!


Later in the term we will be investigating our body parts in science and learning about how school has changed in the past 100 years in history. We will be sharing knowledge about the local area in geography. 


Finally, as our topic, 'What makes me incredible?' is a PSHE based, we will be doing lots of work on friendship, kindness, respect and diversity.

Summer 2 term 2019 - topic


I am very excited to teach our topic for this term, Enchanted Woodland. We will be doing lots of science and learning about the natural world. We will be talking about what conditions plants need to grow and learning to identify the different parts of a plant. Weather permitting, we are also hoping to spend some time outside and do some planting of our own!