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Autumn Term


This term, our overarching question is ’Is conflict ever justified?’

This history based topic will give the children the opportunity to explore various elements of WW2, including rationing, propaganda and the home front. Within this topic, children will have the opportunity to visit Wollaton Hall and spend the day as an evacuee.


The children’s learning will culminate in a special open afternoon where you will be invited to join us in school to share your child’s work.

Spring Term


During this term we will be exploring the following question: 'Mayans: Mad or Magnificent?' 


This will be a history based topic, where the children will be given a range of opportunities to delve into the Mayan civilisation. We will be looking at Mayans love for food; how they developed a writing and number system; studied and charted the stars and planets; invented three complex calendars to keep track of time; built impressive temples, palaces, monuments and cities; skilfully farmed the land and established a complex political system.