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Friday 3rd April


Think of all the amazing things your body can do. 

You can smell what is for dinner, you can make music with your voice and you can make amazing things with your hands. What else can your body do?


It is pretty special and we need to look after our body in lots of different ways. Through excersise, diet and getting enough sleep.  Also we need to make sure we stay happy by doing things like listening to music and watching our favourite film.


Today I would like for you to draw a person and write all the different things people need to do to make sure they stay healthy and happy.

Wednesday 1st April

Music lesson

Still image for this video
Mr Montgomery modelling some of today's learning.

Tuesday 31st March


Listen to the song below, feel free to skip through to listen to different parts. You can do two different activities. 


1) Dance along pretending to be the animal that is being represented. Stalk like a lion or stomp like an elephant!

2) Draw the animals that are being represented by the music. 

Carnival of The Animals Complete Full Version Le Carnaval des Animaux Complet by Camille Saint-Saƫns.

Monday 30th March


Easter activities


Watch the video below to learn about the story of Easter. After that, try and do an Easter themed activity. 

Some ideas:

  • paint an egg
  • egg and spoon race
  • make an Easter egg holder

Friday 27th March


Well done all of you for your first week of home schooling, it has been amazing to see everything you have been doing.

Today I would like for you to write about all the things you have enjoyed this week. Have you enjoyed sitting in the sunny garden? Spending lots of time with your parents? Applauding the NHS? Write as much as you can about all the good things you have done.


After that, I would like you to write something that you would like to get better at. Could be your handwriting, push ups, painting, anything you can think of!


Mr Montgomery's week.

This week I have enjoyed reading all the emails and work that the Year 1 children have sent in. 

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to practice getting better at playing the keyboard. 


Enjoy writing all your positive thoughts! 

Wednesday 25th March

Home learning topic activities