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wc 23.03.20 & 30.03.20

On Purple Mash you will find writing tasks linked to our topic 'Were the Greeks geeks?'


The tasks include:

* Retelling the story of Medusa and Athena

* Writing your opinion on the story of Medusa 

* Write everything you know about the history of the Olympics 

* Write everything you know about the Greek Gods and Goddesses
 Do you have a favourite God? Tell us why they are the best! 

* Write everything you know about Greek food... 
 Remember our trip to  Yiannis? Write about it!

*Write a postcard from Greece! What were the best bits about it? 


You can choose to create any topic related activities you like.

Why not create some art relating to the Greeks?

Could you make your own Greek music and record it?

Could you do a drama performance of a Greek myth with your brothers and sisters?


Let your imagination run wild! I can't wait to see what you come up with :-)