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Welcome to Summer Term! 


The next big question is below - I love this one as you can be super creative! 


We would love to see what you get up to - share your learning with us via Purple Mash.



Science and Geography! Produce a Fact File or a Poster about your chosen animal.


  • Research an animal that you can find at the zoo
  • Find these things: its habitat (where it lives) you can add a map and find the country on it!, its diet (what it eats), its life cycle (how does it reproduce?)
  • Make your fact file/poster as detailed as possible and add pictures!


Check out the examples below!laugh


  • Listen to the song below 
  • Learn it off by heart, have a go at singing it with the actions or make your own 
  • Go on the 2beats 2do on Purple Mash, play with sounds to create the tune
  • You could also learn it in British Sign Language below!laugh

We're Going to the Zoo with Lyrics | Kids Action Songs | Children Love to Sing

Zoo song with lyrics - kids love to sing along and see their favorite animals - monkeys, elephant, giraffe, seals, rhinos & more! You can come to - we're goi...

We're Going to the Zoo - British Sign Language (BSL) and singing

Signs and Sounds runs baby and toddler British Sign Language and singing classes. For more information visit www.signsandsoundsuk.com

Design and Technology - Build a Bee Hotellaugh


  • You will need: a plastic bottle or a plant pot, modelling clay (optional), paper, plastic straws, bamboo sticks - anything with a hole down the middle, string or elastic band
  • Roll up paper to make small tubes
  • Cut all the tube pieces down so that they won't stick out from your flower pot or plastic bottle
  • Tie all the pieces together with string 
  • Put the clay at the bottom of your plant pot or bottle and stick the tubes in - alternatively you can pack the bottle tightly with your tubes 
  • Put your bee hotel down sideways or you could hang it up in the gardensmiley