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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Phonics: /ir/

Today's grapheme is /ir/.

Reading LC: I can justify my ideas.

Read the questions and answer them using the sentence structure 'I think... because...'.Use because to explain how you know.

Watch the video above. Answer questions 1, 2 and 3. 

1. Do you think the wolf is good at baking?

2. How does the wolf feel about his grandma?

3. Do you think the wolf's cake will be tasty?


Try to write your answers using the sentence structure 'I think... because'.

Use 'because' to explain how you know.


Here are some examples:

I think the wolf loves his Grandma because he calls her 'dear'.

I think the wolf is bad at baking because has put disgusting ingredients in his cake.

Maths - Add by making 10


Maths Fluency

Answer the maths questions and use a numberline to help you if you would like. When you are finished you can then mark your work using the answers provided on page 2.

LC: I can design a model.

Still image for this video