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Tuesday 19th January 2021

Phonics: /ew/(yoo)

Reading (decodable story)

Attached above is a story children can use their phonics to read on their own. Have a go at reading it once per day this week to build up your reading fluency.

This week's story is 'The Big Radish'.

The true story of the 3 little pigs - full story

Writing - LC: I can use time connectives.

Time connectives come at the start of sentences to help the reader understand that events happen in a certain order. Have a go at starting some of your sente...

Time connectives usually come at the start of sentences and we will use them in our diary entry to help the reader understand that the events happened in a certain order. 

Have a go at using these time connectives in your sentences:





after that

later on



Maths - Subtraction crossing 10 (2)

Maths fluency

GPS - LC: I can identify the un- prefix.


We can add the un- prefix to the start of words to make them mean the opposite. 

Here are some examples: 

kind - unkind

happy - unhappy

clean - unclean

tidy - untidy

fortunately - unfortunately

well - unwell


Spot the un- prefix words in the following sentences:


The pig was rude to me and it made me feel very unhappy.

I sneezed and unfortunately I blew the house down.

I was baking a cake and I made my kitchen terribly untidy.


Deeper learning: Change the word which is underlined for an un- prefix word. 


I was feeling incredibly poorly.

The pig was nasty to me.

My kitchen was very dirty.



Enquiry – I know the four countries of the United Kingdom.

Still image for this video
Watch the video, follow the link and then go onto Purple Mash. A lot of interactive elements for today's enquiry lesson!