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Tuesday 26th January 2021

Phonics: /ph/

Here is today's phonics everyone! The grapheme is /ph/.

Reading decodable story - Jig and Jog

Have a go at reading the decodable text attached above to build your fluency. The story this week is called Jig and Jog.



LC: I can identify features of a text.


Read Miss Brooks's riddles. Which Y1 grammar features can you spot in her writing? 


In class we would highlight the text, but at home if you don't have a printer you can highlight the document, make a list, or just talk about what you can see.


Writing - LC: I can identify features of a text.

Can you find the y1 grammar features in Miss Brooks's riddles?

Features to spot:




1st person

adjectives (describing words)

verbs (doing words) - look for live, eat, glide, see

conjunctions (and, but, so, because)






a cheetah

a butterfly

a hedgehog

Maths - Numbers to 50

Enquiry - Science

LC – I know that some materials are better to keep things warm.

You will need:

  • an adult
  • 3 mugs
  • tin foil
  • a tea towel
  • paper
  • warm/hot water


Watch the video below and complete the science experiment. Please let me know what you find out!

Science experiment for Year 1