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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Phonics: /ue/ (oo)

If you are on purple mash send me some silly voice ideas. :)

Writing LC: I can use conjunctions.

You are the wolf. Write sentences using and, but or because.Remember that conjunctions always come in the middle of a sentence, and you can only use one per ...

Today we are writing sentences using the conjunctions and, but or because.

Conjunctions can be used once per sentence and always come in the middle of the sentence.

Watch the video of Miss Brooks explaining how to use them.

Remember you are the wolf! Write some sentences using the conjunctions and, but, or because.


Here are some examples:


I sneezed and the house fell down.

I huffed and I snuffed.

I wanted to make a cake but I had no sugar.

I tried to cover my mouth but then I sneezed a great sneeze.

The house fell down because I sneezed.

The little pig died because the house fell on top of him.

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Maths fluency

IT - Follow instructions in a recipe.

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