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Wednesday 27th January 2021

Phonics - /a-e/

Hi everybody! Today we are looking at the split digraph a-e, where there is a consonant grapheme in the middle of the digraph, for example in the words came, take and fake.

Reading decodable story - Jig and Jog

Reading - LC: I can make predictions.


Look at the front cover of this story that we are going to be reading.

Answer the following questions:

Who might the main character be?

What might happen to them?

Where might the story be set?

LC: I can make predictions.

Maths - Counting forwards and backwards within 50

GPS: I can punctuate a sentence.


Add capital letters and full stops to the sentences below. Then write 2 of your own sentences about animals, ensuring your capital letter in each sentence is formed correctly.


the cheeky brown monkeys swung though the tall trees


the colourful parrot screeched


the huge elephant stomped through the dense jungle

Enquiry - I know why Matthew Henson is famous.