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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Today we will be considering the structure of an instructions text.


It is very important for instruction texts to be written in a clear order so that the reader can understand what the instructions are telling them, what the final outcome will be and how to follow them successfully. If the structure of the text is wrong, then following the instructions may be confusing or difficult for the reader.


Click on the document below to find a scrambled example.

  • Why do you think this text is not written in the correct order?
  • Is this text difficult to understand? 
  • What order do you think is more suitable for an instructions text?

Using the 2do on purple mash, drag each box from the clip art box onto the page to create the structure of an instruction text. Think about the correct order for each feature. How is your order different to the scrambled example?

Deeper learning challenge: Write an explanation for how to correctly structure an information text.