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Week 2 Lesson 2

Today I would like you to plan some of the sentences you will used in your writing at the end of this week. Remember last week we looked at sentences with relative clauses and brackets for parenthesis. Use your research notes from yesterday to write your sentences. I written more examples in the document below. Keep your sentences safe for tomorrow!

For example I researched what WWF does for wild animals and then wrote the following sentences:

Many charities, who have long been advocates for all types of animals, work tirelessly to protect those that live in the wild.


Closing down tiger farms, which is a key focus for the charity WWF, will help the welfare and protection of these beautiful animals.


WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) raises money to protect animals all over the world from mistreatment.


Stopping the ivory trade (buying and selling elephant tusks) will hopefully help end the disgusting poaching of elephants.


Lesson Outline