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Week 3 & 4 Learning

Whose job is it protect animals in the wild? 


Here is your enquiry grid. You can choose the subjects that you want to work on. 




Here are some examples and additional resources to help you answer the questions. 



Geography - Lesson 1

How do the penguins use their environment?

Visit the Edinburgh Zoo website to watch the penguins on the Penguin Cam to see how they use their environment.


Keep a diary to capture what the penguins do in their environment.


Geography - Lesson 2

What animals live on what continents?

Can you list the animals that live on the different continents?


Geography - Lesson 3

What animals live in what oceans?

Can you list the animals that live in the different oceans?

Use the internet to help you research.



Science - Lesson 1

What are a Rhino’s basic needs?

Ranger Rick needs to meet the Rhino’s basic needs. Can you create a poster to inform him about all of the Rhino’s basic needs? (What does he eat, sleep, need for exercise, need to protect his skin)


Science - Lesson 2




Computing lesson 1


Using a spreadsheet (search for 2calculate in Purple Mash), add pictures, colour cells and lock them to create your own zoo. 


Computing lesson 2


Become a zookeeper using mash cam on Purple Mash. Fill in the speech bubble, describing what it is like to look after animals. 

Computing - Lesson 3


Use different textures to paint your own animal using 2paint on Purple Mash. 

Art, Design and Technology - Lesson 1


Create and create an animal enclosure that meets all the basic needs of an animal. 

How creative can you be?


Art, Design and Technology - Lesson 2

Evaluate your enclosure using the questions below -


What went well?


What challenges did you have?


How did you deal with these challenges?


What would you change next time?

Art, Design and Technology - Lesson 3


Using pencil, practise drawing animals. You can use the instructions above, or try drawing your own animal.