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Week 3 Lesson 4 Chapter 28

Thursday 7th May 2020

L.C: I can write a persuasive speech


To show your understanding of Phoenix I would like you to produce a short persuasive speech telling me why we should save Aquarius. Remember Aquarius is being killed by something or someone! It is the star Mystica is linked to and if it dies she will die too!


Below I have shown you an example of a persuasive speech - it does not have to be long. 

You need to include emotive language (words that make the reader feel), modal verbs (must, should, would, will, can, can't, won't etc.) repetition (repeating words or phrases) and rhetorical questions. 


Why not try to video yourself instead of writing one? Save your work to the my work folder on Purplemash and tell us in an email so we know it is there!



Still image for this video