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Spring Work Week 3+4

Maths - Week 3 + 4 of Home Learning


We are recapping fractions, using the brilliant videos and questions provided by White Rose. As we have done fractions before, some parts might seem easy, but it all builds up to good fluency, reasoning and problem-solving revision. 


Check out this video to see why fractions are important to zookeepers. 




Listen to the story 'When the Doorbell Rings' and see how many equal parts Victoria and Sam have to make with their cookies, every time someone comes to join them. Maybe you can get plates and cookies and pretend to be Victoria and Sam and act out the story. 



Play 'Make a Cake' game here to practise fractions. 



Lesson 1: Parts of a whole

Step 1 - Make equal parts



Lesson 2: Recognising a half

Step 2 - Recognise a half


Lesson 3: Finding a half

Step 3 - Find a half


Lesson 4: Identifying quarters

Step 4 - Recognise a quarter


Lesson 5: Finding a quarter

Step 5 - Find a quarter


Lesson 6: Recognise a third

Lesson 6 - Step 6 - Recognise a third


Lesson 7: Finding a third

Lesson 7 - Step 7 - Find a third

Lesson 8: Unit fractions

Lesson 8 - Step 8 - Unit fractions

Lesson 9 Non-unit fractions

Lesson 9 - Step 9 - Non-unit fractions


Lesson 10: Equivalence of a half and 2 quarters

Lesson 10 - Step 10 - Equivalence of a half and 2 quarters