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Week 3+4 Learning

You have some reading lessons this week where you will read a text and answer questions on the text. Use RED to help you answer the questions. Remember, the answer is in the text!

Challenge yourself by writing your answer as a full sentence so that it definitely answers the questions. 

Lesson 1 - Rhino Reading Comprehension


Lesson 2 - Ronald the Reading Rhino


Lesson 3 - Create a Book Review

Choose your favoruite book and create a poster to make your friend want to read it.

Think about…

What is your favourite book? Why do you enjoy reading it? What don’t you like about the book? Are the pictures good? Is it funny? Is it sad?

You could use this template or you could be creative and make your own. 


Lesson 4 - Tiger Reading Comprehension



Lesson 5 - Creating your own Fact File

Your job is to read about the different animals in the animal fact files and then create your own fact file about the animals.  

Choose your three favourite animals and create 3 of your own fact files. You need to summarise the information.


You can present the information however you want, remember to include information that you have read.  

Lesson 6 - Reading and Acting out your own story 

It's your turn to be creative now. You have seen how Mrs Tyler has read The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark out loud. It's your turn now, can you read your favourite story out loud and act out the character voices?