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Week 4 Lesson 3

Wednesday 13th May 2020 


Today I would like you to write your instructions/recipe for the Perfect Holiday!


You will need to include:

  • title
  • An introduction - what are your instructions for/about? Make this detailed with lots of fabulous vocabulary e.g. Everyone dreams of the perfect vacation, a place to unwind ... explore ... get lost in. It is essential that we all travel at some point in our lives. Travel enriches us through different experiences, learning about other cultures and seeing fascinating landscapes that we have never seen before. These instructions are your guide on the must sees of this intriguing and mysterious planet!
  • A list of what you need 
  • A method - a step by step guide on what you would do 
  • A closing statement - to sum it up


See if you can include these Year 5/6 spellings - accommodate, environment, excellent, marvellous 


I have included the example from last week below!