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Week 5 & 6 Learning

Lesson 1: To evaluate different transport

Lesson 2: To design futuristic transport and explain what it does

Lesson 3: To annotate your design

Lesson 4: To create a poster advertising your new method of transport

Lesson 5: To comment on other people's posters. 

Save your poster into your work folder. 

Your teacher will add them here and you can say in an email to your teacher what you liked about the different posters. Your teacher will add the comments under people's posters. 

Lesson 6: To write a story about your transport


Here is Mrs Tyler's story about her Food Ship 

Harry and Ron frantically sprinted towards the platforms 9 and 10, as the 11th bell chimed loudly, on the golden, clock tower. 11:00 o clock, Harry thought, we’ve made it. Unfortunately, they were too late. As they gazed around in panic down the platform, they saw the scarlet red steam engine leave the station.  How were they ever going to get to school now?

Both wizards, plodded out the station clutching their belongings. Ron’s stomach began to growl, “I missed breakfast this morning because of all of the rushing around!” he exclaimed. “I was going to get some brunch on the train,” he said, rubbing his tummy. Harry and Ron stared into the crowded street, wondering what to do next.

As if by magic, a large yellow thing began to emerge from the corner of the station. “What’s that?” Harry questioned. The rolling machine, came closer and closer to the two wizards. It appeared to have large, orange propellers on the front. Hang on, Ron thought, those aren’t propellers at all!

“Harry, look!” Ron screeched with the excitement. “It’s the Food Ship!”

Quickly, the two boys climbed on board a rather large looking banana shaped car. They were provided with some much delicious food; they could barely believe their eyes. And best of all, the Food Ship carried them all the way to school.

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