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Week 7 Learning

Lesson 1:  Spellings 

The sound /ar/ spelt with ‘ar’ after w.



Can you spot where the apostrophe should go in these sentences?

Even after searching all day, Miss Gutteridges soft teddy bear could not be found!

Mrs Tylers brand new racing car was another addition to her large toy car collection.

The Barbie doll is Miss Taylors, but she left it at school!

Can you have a go at writing your own sentences using an apostrophe for possession?

This video might help

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Which sentence needs an exclamation – remember to read it to check it is not a question.

  1. What a beautiful day it was ___


  1. What did you do today ____



  1. How long that rope is Traction Man ____


  1. What an incredible super hero you are _____


Deeper Learning: Write 3 exclamations that you could use in your story.


Spot the contractions and change them into their un contracted form.  

Kiera doesn’t always tidy her toys away. She shouldn’t leave them out on her floor as it’s a hazard because someone might trip over them! If she can’t tidy her room by herself, I’ll have to help.

In the sentences below, can you identify where two words could be contracted?

The weather was not supposed to rain today which now means I can not play football in the park. It is not winter, so it should be sunny outside… I do not know what to do now!

Deeper Learning
Write two sentences that you could use in your comic strip that include contracted words.