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Week 7 Learning

Lesson 1: To create a character profile of Traction Man. 

If you haven’t already, listen to the story of Traction Man so that you know what type of character he is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JySea288Qo

If you have listened to the story, then you know that Traction Man is a hero in the story. He saves so many different characters in the story, he is definitely the ‘goodie’.

Let’s have a go at describing what kind of character he is.  Use these questions to help you build a character profile.

  1. What does he look like?
  2. What skills does he have?
  3. What type of personality does he have?
  4. Does he show any of our Flying High values?



Remember, a prediction is a sensible guess about what might happen next. I know that Traction Man is a good character to I need to work out how he will save the day. 



In Mrs Tyler's example, Traction Man saved the day by using his rope. But he could have used his super speed and scooped up the snail really quickly, or he could have lift the lawn moor and thrown it on a different path. The choice is yours!

Lesson 3: To create a story mountain plan. 

Today you are making your plan ready to write your comic strip. Start at the top of the mountain with the problem.

What is the problem that Traction Man will face?

Possible Problem Ideas

  • Is there a light that is going to steal away all of the light in the world?


  • Is the moon going to block out the sun?


  • Is there an alien that is going to come and invade earth?


  • Is there a crazy car that is causing havoc on the roads?

Decide the problem for your story.

Resolution Box

Then jump into the Resolution Box – How will Traction Man solve the problem?

Once you have decided this, you can decide the Beginning of your story and where it is set. Then you can decide the build up to the problem and choose whether you want a happy or sad ending to your story.



Lesson 4: To illustrate your comic strip

Today you are going to use your story mountain to start producing your very own comic strip of your story. Start with the drawings and draw the different parts of your Traction Man story. 

Lesson 5: To write up your comic strip

Today you are adding the story to you comic strip. Remember to use your story language. How will the story start? Once upon a time, One stormy night, One a warm day.... and then think about how the story will end, will it be a happily ever after? Or a disaster at the end of the day?