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Week 7 Learning


What continent and country did the toy originate from? Complete the quiz as a family, how many points can you score?


Pull out all of your toys and games, can you categorise them into different groups? For example: toys made of the same materials, how they feel, whether they are soft or smooth, whether they move or don’t move, how big or small they are.

Science - Categorising Toys

Pull out all of your toys and games. Can you categorise them into different groups? For example: toys made of the same materials, how they feel, whether they...


Log onto Purple Mash and complete the ‘Vehicles’ moving game. You will need your coding skills for this.  

Computing - Vehicles

Coding using Vehicles! Follow my instructions for the first 2 games you can do with this. I said in the video there were 5 games, but there's only 4! If you ...


Traditionally, toys were bought in small toy shops which had beautifully presented front windows, advertising all of the wonderful toys inside. We want you to create your own toy shop window, drawing lots of your favourite toys and games inside.

Here is Miss Taylor's example. What a colourful, fun place it is!



Your teddy bears are hungry, can you create a healthy picnic for your bears? It could be a sandwich, cake or even ice cream!

Watch Buddy make ice cream... 


What are you going to make for the picnic? Remember to take some photographs!





Design and make a marble run or maze. You can use any materials you like and it can be as big or as small as you like. 


How creative can you make it?


Check out this link for some ideas. 




Have a look at the toy shop window, how many colours can you label in French?


Give your grandparents or older relatives a call, what games and toys did they play with? How is this similar and different to what you do now?


Toys can be very special possessions; things that you take care of and look after.


Jewish people celebrate a special festival called ‘Shabbat’. ‘Shabbat’ has very special objects that are used during the celebration. Can you find out about the special objects and what they are used for using the powerpoints and web links or doing your own research.