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Week 7 Learning

Lesson 1: Summarising. 


Which is the best summary?




A is the best one! It has just the key points. It tells you what happened, but without too much detail. 




Read along, to discover all the adventures of 

Then practise summarising what happened.

Traction Man is here - Books Alive! Read Aloud children's book

Books Alive! Read aloud Traction Man is here by Mini Grey. The everyday hero performing extraordinary bravery in the realms of the home. All in a days work f...


1. Read along to the story.
2. Pick out the key parts. 
3. Write this up as a summary (either as a paragraph, or using bullet points) 


Lesson 2: Predicting 


Traction Man always finds danger, but some how manages to solve the problem. 

However, right at the end of the story, this is the last picture!


Use clues from through out the book to make sensible predictions about what could come next. 


For example - 

Would it be a good prediction for him to start baking a cake? frown Do we have any evidence that he bakes cakes? Is this something he would do?





Lesson 3, 4 and 5: Reading Comprehension

For the Reading Comprehensions, make sure you continue to use R.E.D



Work through the reading comprehensions below. 

You can choose which ones you do and which in which order. 



Question types explained