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Wollaton Hall (Romans)

We went to Wollaton park and took part in a Roman party. 


First, we wrote invites using Roman ‘handwriting’.  This was based on the writing used in an artefact found at Vindolanda (a Roman fort near Hadrian’s wall).

Did you know that Romans cleaned themselves using olive oil and a scraper called a strigil?  They also used equipment like tweezers and ear-wax spoons!


We found out about the food Roman people ate.  Archaeologists have found shells, bones and pottery where Roman settlements used to be.  This tells them that Romans liked to eat birds, dormice, shellfish, snails and bread.

We enjoyed seeing a replica of a Roman soldier’s helmet and gladius.  The design was based on real-life artefacts historians had found.  We were told that replicas are a great way of finding out about the past because the original artefacts are often to delicate and fragile to touch and hold.

We really enjoyed our trip to Wollaton Park!