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Writing 18.11.20


Today we looking at a WAGOLL WANTED poster.

Read the poster and think about which good y1 writing features it has. 

Look for:


finger spaces

full stops




conjunctions: and, but, because 

un - prefix

Writing 16.11.20


Today we are doing our Beefore task. Create a WANTED poster to help the police find the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. Tell the reader what he looks like and what he did wrong.

Writing 13.11.20

Bee's knees task


Today we are using our plan to write the story of Winnie-The-Pooh and the Honey Tree.

Remember that all of your sentences need capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Writing 12.11.20


Today we are planning our writing.

Tomorrow we are going to re-write the story of Winnie-The- Pooh and the Honey Tree.


Use the story path attached. Draw on the main events of the story in order. Tomorrow you will use this plan to write about what happens.

writing plan 12.11

Winnie The Pooh - Watch up to 11 minutes 25 seconds

writing 10.11.20

We are adding capital letters and full stops to sentences.

Add capital letters to the start of each sentence. Add a full stop to the end of each sentence.


You can find the sentences which we are looking at on the screen attached below.