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Today you will be completing your Bees Knees Task - writing a biography.


Remember this is our assessed piece of writing so there is no video today because we want to see what you can do!


Take your time with your writing because remember we usually use the whole morning for it! We would like it to be really thought out and carefully written. 


You need to write your biography about the person you researched on Monday. 


Remember to include:

  • relative clauses (who, that, which)
  • brackets ()
  • dashes --
  • cohesive devices - pronouns (he, she, we), adverbials (because of this, due to, although, In 1962,), remove words you don't need


I have put some things below to help you:

  • Example text 
  • Adverbial list 
  • Year 5/6 spellings