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We will be starting our learning this half term looking at letter writing and the difference between formal and informal writing. 

Will be using 'Dear Greenpeace' as a stimulis for our learning around letter writing. 

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Are all wolves evil?

After letter writing we will be exploring some traditional tales including Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs to identify whether or not the Wolf was actually evil in these stories.  

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Each week we will also be exploring a range of SATs style reading comprehension questions so that we are equipped with how to answer these questions at home. 

You will be receiving additional reading homework to support your learning so make sure you bring this back to school to impress your teacher! 


(Also... Remember to use RED when you are answering the questions!)  



Here is the Assessment Framework that we are assessing writing against in Year 2. For children to be at a Age Related standard for Year 2, they need to be able to... 


-Write simple, coherent narratives about personal experiences and those of others (real or fictional)

-Write about real events, recording these simply and clearly

-Punctuate most sentences with capital letters, full stops and use question marks correctly

-Use present and past tense correctly and consistently

-Use a range of conjunctions (and, but, because, or, so, when, if, that)

-Spell most of the tricky words correctly

-Form capital letters and digits of the correct size, shape and orientation

-Use the correct size finger spacing between words