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 What Wonder Machine can you design?

 We have been challenged by Rolls Royce to design and make a ‘Wonder Machine’ for the future. We will be studying The Story of Cars to see how they were invented and how they have developed and changed across the years. We will also be taking extracts from creative stories like ‘Harry Potter’ to look at the inventive transport used in these stories for inspiration.

 We will then be designing and making our own Wonder Machine to submit to Rolls Royce, ready for their inspection! Who will be the most creative with their inventions?


Within our writing we will be focussing on:

Writing a leaflet that includes: conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, questions, headings and subheadings, exclamations, commas in lists and contracted word forms.  


Writing a recount that includes: time conjunctions, paragraphs, expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and different sentence types. 


Please encourage and support your child with their handwriting at home and be as creative as you like with the stories that you produce!