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In English we will be using our topic focus of The Seaside as stimulus for our learning. Firstly, we will be reading a series of stories by Ronda and David Armitage about the lighthouse keeper Mr Grinling and his wife Mrs Grinling. The children will be using these texts to write a seaside narrative. 


Children will get the chance to read aloud, discuss vocabulary, answer reading comprehension questions to really understand the text, as well as enjoy a really good book. They will also practise skills such as using story language, 'verb, person sentences', 'ing, ing, ing sentences', adverbs, past tense, expanded noun phrases, different sentence types and conjunctions (and, but, because, so, or, when, that and if).   




The second part of the half term  we will be looking at writing recounts based on our exciting trip to the seaside. The children will explore writing in sequence - use time adverbials, sharing opinions and strategies for adding detail. 



We will end the year working on a whole school project using the story, Quest by Aaron Becker. Children will write a section of this book to form a whole school story. This is to showcase the abilities in our school and the expectations for writing in different year groups.