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In English we will be using our topic focus of transport as stimulus for our learning. We will be reading texts by Quentin Blake and writing a character description of their main character, Mrs Armitage. Children will get the chance to read aloud, discuss vocabulary, answer reading comprehension questions as well as enjoy a really good book. They will also practise skills such as using adjectives, different sentence starters and conjunctions (and, but, because, so, or, when, that and if) to add detail to their writing. 




The second part of the half term has a non fiction focus. Children will be writing an information leaflet all about different forms of transport. .They will be researching - reading, using the internet and of course get to look at and learn about different forms of transport on our trip to Coventry Transport Museum, as well as looking at the features of an information text before using this to write their own exciting (and amazing!) leaflets.