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This term in English we have been looking at instructions and explanations.


During our learning about instructions we explored all the ways instructions are used in our lives. The children could name lots of ways we follow and use instructions in our lives, including recipes. We explored this avenue by creating instructions for the process of making a sandwich. The children were able to see the important features of a good set of instructions and equally, what makes a good sandwich!


For the children's big write they were able to use imperative verbs, time connectives, adverbs and causal connectives to create a set of instructions.


During our learning around explanation texts we have learnt about the differences between instructions and explanations. 

Keeping inline with our 'Push and Pull' topic during the Spring term, we have explored texts which have a science theme. Our favourites have been the 'Bedroom tidying machine' and 'The cat feeding machine'. The children agreed that they would love to have these inventions in their homes! 

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