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Where in the world should Maddy the Monkey live?




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Within writing, we will be using a jungle map to direct Maddy the Monkey through the jungle. Maddy will need to swim rapidly past the ferocious piranhas and sprint past the raging rhino’s. Within this writing we will be using a range of adjectives to add description (2A sentences), we will be using adverbs (ly words) to add additional information to the verbs and we will be exploring a range of sentence openers to use, including time conjunctions.
Picture 1

The children created some amazing instructions and Maddy was able to successfully find the treasure chest. Maddy decided to create a treasure hunt for the children so that they could have as much fun as she had had when she read their instructions. 

Well done Hawthorn Class on finding the treasure!

Instruction Writing

We will be using Dear Greenpeace as our stimulus to write our own informal letters, back to Maddy’s family, to explain what the ocean looks like and what creatures are found within it.

Year 2 will also be writing a diary entry, following their day at Wollaton Hall, exploring the different habitats there and they will be creating an information text.



It is really important that reading happens every night at home. Please hear your child a few pages of their reading book every night, this will improve their reading and their writing and will help with the preparation for SATs. It has been great to see that children are reading with greater fluency so we now need to build on their comprehension skills.

Hawthorn enjoying our 'Drop Everything and Read' time