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Who caused the catastrophe?

Within our topic this half term we will be studying the Great Fire of London. We will be reading two different texts within our English lessons to gain an insight into what life would have been like in 1666.


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We will also be looking at Toby and the Great Fire of London to see whether one little boy can supply Samuel Pepys with his diary in time. We will follow him on his journey through London as he tries to escape the fire.




Within our reading lessons we will be focusing predominantly on developing our skills of Retrieval – this is where take things directly from the text. We will be using RED to help develop our answers when we have been asked a question.

You can practise this at home too! When you are reading with your grown up, ask your grown up to ask you a question about the text. Then use this RED model to help you answer the question. Remember, you MUST get your answer directly from the text!


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Hawthorn enjoying our 'Drop Everything and Read' time

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Within our writing lessons we will become reporters and write our own newspaper report that captures what happened in London in 1666. Our newspaper will have a heading, sub headings, captions, photographs and an introduction that summarises the fire catastrophe.

In Week 5 of this half term, you will have to get ready to attend a court hearing. The judge will be deciding WHO was to blame for starting the Great Fire of London. Was it Thomas Farriner’s fault in the bakery because he left the oven on? Was it the servant in the bakery’s fault because she didn’t check the oven or clean it out? Was it King Charles’ fault because of the way the houses had been built? Was it Mayor Bloodworth’s fault because of the strategies he used to try and stop the fire? Who knows? You will need to create a balanced argument to present to the judge defending your character and blaming others for the fire. I wonder who will come out triumphant and who will rot in jail for starting this disaster?