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Within our reading lessons we have been focusing predominantly on developing our skills of Retrieval – this is where take things directly from the text. We have been using RED to help develop our answers when we have been asked a question.


We will continue to use this as we go into Spring. 

We will also be making inferences from a text this term, this is were we need to read between the lines and make sensible guesses about what might happen or what might be said based on what we have read so far. See if you can make some inferences when you are reading at home. Here are some inference style questions that you could use: 


Within writing, we will be using a jungle map to direct Maddy the Monkey through the jungle. Maddy will need to swim rapidly past the ferocious piranhas and sprint past the raging rhino’s. Within this writing we will be using a range of adjectives to add description (2A sentences), we will be using adverbs (ly words) to add additional information to the verbs and we will be exploring a range of sentence openers to use, including time conjunctions.


We will be using Dear Greenpeace as our stimulus to write our own informal letters, back to Maddy’s family, to explain what the ocean looks like and what creatures are found within it.


Year 2 will also be writing a diary entry, following their day at Wollaton Hall (hopefully), exploring the different habitats there and they will be creating an information text.