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Within English, we will be writing an autobiography about ourselves, detailing everything about us from our appearances to our likes and dislikes. Within this we will be using phrases like: 

  • I have 
  • I am
  • My favourite 
  • I like 
  • I don't like

So practice spelling these phrases because it will help you during your lessons. 



Hopefully, we will be visiting Wollaton Hall in a few weeks time. We will write a recount from our visit to Wollaton Hall telling you what we did and what we saw. We will be using phrases like: 

  • First 
  • Second 
  • Third
  • Then 
  • I saw
  • I heard
  • I went 

So practice using this language when you are talking because this will help you during this writing unit.


We will also be creating some seasonal poetry.