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What makes the UK unique?

In trying to answer this question, we will be learning about the four countries that make up the UK and the famous faces that are from these places.

We will be studying the Geography and History of the UK and the four countries that make it. Starting off with being able to locate it on a map, to knowing the capital cities of the UK, to visiting the landmarks and learning about the heritage and food of each place. Have you visited any of these countries? Maybe you could bring some photographs in if you have or anything else that you know about these unique places.


We will be studying some important people from the past and present to see how they have contributed to national or international achievement. We will be learning what makes all of these people (and lots more). Do you recognise any of the famous faces? Do you know which country they are from?



In Science, we will be learning about materials and the unique properties that they have. We will conduct a range of science experiments to test the materials and just how good their properties are. Perhaps you could have a look around your house and try to identify what objects are made from.


Knowledge Organiser

Here is our knowledge organiser for this enquiry. This is all of the sticky knowledge that you will need to achieve.