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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school

Mrs. Lindsay, Head Teacher
Mr. Champion, Deputy Head Teacher
Miss. Nicholls, Teaching and Learning Lead
Mrs. Ackroyd SENCo
Miss. Johnson, FSU Phase Leader, Reception Teacher
Miss. Clarke, Reception Teacher
Mrs. Keeling, Teaching Assistant
Miss. Thomas, Teaching Assistant
Miss. Gaetto, Teaching Assistant
Miss. Brooks, Year 1 Class Teacher
Mr. Montgomery, Year 1 Class Teacher
Mrs. Floyd, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Tyler, KS1 Phase Leader, Year 2 Teacher
Miss. Castledine, Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss. Gutteridge, Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss. Taylor, Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs. Donson, Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss. Taylor, Teaching Assistant
Miss. Curtis, Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss. Martin-Henson, Teaching Assistant
Miss. Plimmer-Craig, Year 5 Class Teacher
Miss. Hussey, Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs. Pritchett, Teaching Assistant
Miss. Clark, KS2 Phase Leader, Year 6 Class Teacher
Mr. Jenkins, Year 6 Class Teacher
Mr. Fairclough, Teaching Assistant
Miss. Gleave, PPA Cover
Mr. Pothecary, Nurture Teacher
Miss. Worrall, Nurture Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Swift, Maternity Leave
Miss. Jackson, Family Support Worker
Ms. Goodwin, Business Manager
Mrs Morris-Essex, Office Manager
Miss. Coales, Admin Assistant
Mr. Stringer, Site Manager
Our Kitchen Team
Our School Cleaning Team
Our Midday Team