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You can help at home by reading with your child at least 4 times per week. Your child will have two reading books to take home at a time. Weekly opportunities to change these books are given. Children's books will be changed when they show fluent decoding and good comprehension of them. 


Children need to practise comprehension skills as well as decoding at home. 

To help your child with comprehension you can:

  • ask your child to answer retrieval questions (where the answers are in the text)
  • ask your child to answer inference questions (where the answer to the question is implied in the text but there is no concrete right or wrong answer)
  • ask your child to summarise what has happened in the story in one or two sentences


Please write a short comment in the home-school reading diary about the reading activity you have done at home. We love to hear about any reading going on at home!!

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