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Daily homework: It is important that you are reading every night at home. Remember to ask your parent/carer to write in your reading diary so that you can get Bee Star’s! (Remember, get your diary signed 3 times and that will earn you one Bee Star – you need 25 Bee Stars for your Bronze certificate).  You can also practise your 2,3,5 and 10 times table for maths, make sure you impress your teacher when you can do them!

Weekly homework: Spellings will be send home on Mondays ready for the spelling quizzes on Fridays. Each week, English or maths homework will be sent home. Bring it back on Monday to get yourself a Bee Star!

Enquiry homeworkChoose one piece of homework to complete each week and bring it in on a Friday to share with your class. Each piece of homework will earn you a Bee Star!