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Castles and World War One

For this topic, we are learning about the First World War and the Battle of Hastings.  We are using lots of different historical sources to help us answer some big questions:


  • How are these events similar?  How are they different?
  • How did life change for ordinary people?
  • What have the long term effects been?


We launched our topic with a visit to a castle that had been used by the Normans!

We used the internet to research some key facts about these historic battles.  We presented our findings to the class.

We talked about how trustworthy photos and paintings are as historical sources.  We decided that you could not completely trust a piece of artwork because the artist decides what they want you to see.  


We used this idea to expand black and white photos from World War One to show what might have been happening just out of frame.  

At home, children have been working on their topic projects.  We had show and tell and got to see amazing castles (some with working lights!) and fantastic shields.