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Special events

EYFS Christmas Party


The children enjoyed their EYFS Christmas Party playing lots of games and dancing to some Christmas music. We had lots of prizes and a special surprise from the North Pole which the children loved. Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Our EYFS Christmas Nativity 


During Autumn 2 the children worked hard rehearsing for their Christmas performance. This year our play was 'The Easy Cheesy Nativity'. They thoroughly enjoyed learning the songs and dressing up for the final performance in front of their parents. Well done to all the children :) 



A visit from the Tooth Fairy - 30.09.2021

Today we had a special visit from the Tooth Fairy and her friend! She read us all a special story about going to the dentist. We learnt lots about brushing our teeth and being brave sitting in the dentist chair! We had a lovely time and sat listening beautifully!