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We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs!

FSU Sports Day

This half term our learning journey has been all about minibeasts.

We have learnt about different minibeasts. We've read stories, created pictures, been on minibeast hunts, and learnt songs!

On Wednesday 25th May we had a minibeast dressing up day. We came to school dressed as all sorts of different minibeasts. We had our faces painted too!

Laurel and Redberry invited their parents to come in and watch their 'Butterfly Boogie' mini musical. Fabulous singing and dancing!

Look at our photos!!

Beeston's Got Talent!


On Wednesday 23rd March, some very brave members of Laurel and Redberry took part in the school talent show, 'Beeston's Got Talent'! We wanted to show the school that we were the best at hulahooping, telling jokes, playing air guitar, and singing! The audience loved our performances and the Year 6 judges scored us highly. A massive well done to Emma who came joint 1st place with Tandy in Year 2! Also, a huge well done to Laurel, Redberry and Flowers for sitting so beautifully during the performances and for applauding so enthusiastically! You've all got heaps of talent!

Sport Relief


On Friday 18th March, we dressed up as our favourite sports stars and brought our scooters to school so that we could raise money for Sport Relief. We scooted a whole mile, and we did this twice during the day! We were exhausted by the end of the day but we were so proud to have raised so much money for such a fantastic cause! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who donated! 

STEM Week - We enjoyed being scientists for the week!


In the FSU, we loved being scientists for the week! We conducted lots of different experiments, including exploring the many ways in which boats can be made to move by using a pull or push force. We also all went home and searched through our toy boxes for toys which can be pulled or pushed. We had a great day showing our friends how to operate our toys. We also brought our scooters to school and we had to do lots of pushing to complete the Sport Relief Mile!

Our parents came into FSU to look at our Busy Bee Books with us.

Our Busy Bee Books are our learning journeys. They show how much we have learnt. We can see where we have been Resilient Rhino and tried our best, never giving up. It is amazing how much progress we have made. What super learning!!

We made biscuits to sell to raise money for our guide dog puppy fund. We sold them at our Busy Bee afternoon. We raised over £100. We are very close to our target of £300!! Wow!

Book Week - Kidnap the Parents

Thank you so much for coming in to 'cuddle up with a cake and book'. We always love to share books with our parents!

Story Swap Tuesday 1st March

As part of our book week we swapped teachers and chose stories to listen to. We enjoyed spending time with different children and we all listened to the stories really well. We talked about the stories and asked questions to make sure we understood what each story was all about. 

We love stories!

Meeting David and his wonderful guide dog, Elliott!

Redberry and Laurel Classes have recently been thinking about acts of kindness. It makes us feel really happy when we are being kind to others and when other people are kind to us. We have decided that we want to be kind and support a really good cause in the community, so we are now trying to sponsor a set of three guide dogs. We contacted the Guide Dogs Association who put us in touch with David, a member of the blind community, and his guide dog, Elliott. On Friday, David and Elliott, and David's chauffeur, Graheme, came to school to meet us. David told us all about the wonderful ways in which Elliott, his guide dog, helps him at home and when he's out and about. Elliott is so clever that he can find his way to the supermarket and pick out David's favourite cereal! We also told David how we plan to raise £300 so that three puppies can be trained as guide dogs. He really liked the sound of the disco we will be having and the dog-shaped biscuits we plan to bake and sell! 

Planting Beans

This week, we have been planting beans so that we can grow our very own beanstalks. We planted our beans in some soil and carefully watered them, and then we placed them in a good source of light. We will be watching them over the next few weeks, hoping that they will grow as tall as Jack's beanstalk!

We Love Playing Outside

When we came back to school after the half term holiday, we noticed some changes to our outside area. We now have a permanent building site where we can build, explore different materials, and dress up as builders; a new water area and a water shed (from which we can self-select resources to extend our own learning); a sound wall; a new cosy reading and writing area; and a physical development trolley (full of bats, balls, pompoms, scoops and skipping ropes). We have really enjoyed exploring our new outside area this week! We can't wait to see what might be added next!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the monkey. We drew our own monkeys. We listened to the story about how the animals had a race and how each year is named after one of the animals. We tasted Chinese food. Look at our super Chinese dragon dancing. We used instruments outside to make music for the dragon to dance to. We used scissors and staplers to make our own lucky money envelopes. We used the internet to find out more about Chinese New Year. Our teachers talked to us about how to use the internet safely. We used blocks to build the Great Wall of China.

Colour Mixing!

We decided that Goldilocks needed a brand new dress but, because we only had red, blue, yellow and white paint, we had to do some colour mixing! We weren't sure what would happen when we mixed the colours but we were excited to find out. We made sure our brushes were clean and dry before we added our first colour to the paint palette. We then washed and dried our brushes again, before adding the second colour to the palette and watching the colours transform! Do you know what happens when you mix red and blue, or yellow and red?

Cooking Porridge

We have been reading lots of 'Traditional Tales' recently. This week we learned the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Reading about all of the delicious porridge made us feel very hungry so we decided to cook some for ourselves!

We worked hard, as a team, to learn our Christmas play. 

'Our First Nativity 2'.  We has lots of songs to learn, dances to perform and lots of actions too.

Have a look at these photos to see how hard we worked. 

We all felt proud of ourselves when we performed for our parents and families.

Our teachers were really proud of us too.

Our Christmas play reflected all of our school values really well:

  • Confidence
  • Pride
  • Creativity
  • Enjoyment
  • Perseverance
  • Aspiration
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity