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Special Events

Laurel Class visit to Lakeside

We had a great time in our interactive story telling workshop. Then later on we went outside to use the environment for our art work. It was a super day and we learnt lots!

Laurel Class went for a visit to Beeston Library!

Before we set off we talked about keeping safe. We reminded ourselves that we shouldn't talk to strangers and must never go off with a stranger. We talked about road safety and how we would cross the roads on our way to the library.

We reminded ourselves that we would be representing Beeston Fields and that we would be responsible for making good choices and showing everyone how sensible children at Beeston Fields Primary School are.

We walked all the way to the library!

Lots of our parents came with us. We love it when our parents come and join in our learning.

Thank you for coming to help us!

Three children represented Laurel Class in Beeston's Got Talent final.

We were very proud of all our class entries. They all performed very well to the class. We had a vote to decide on our class winners. The vote was done in secret and the votes were counted to find our winners. The class winners then went to the final and performed on the stage!

Dress up as your favourite book character.

Thursday 3rd March 2016 was World Book Day. We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters. It was great fun!

Andy Tooze Poetry Workshop - Thursday 3rd March

Laurel and afternoon Flowers had great fun listening to Andy Tooze. They joined in with lots of actions and helped Andy say poems too!

Snuggle up with a book - Monday 29th February

We bought in books, cushions and blankets. We had a relaxing time looking at our books and talking about them.

Kidnap the Parents

We love it when our parents come to school and read books with us!

Laurel Class represented Beeston Fields really well throughout our day at Perlethorpe (environmental education centre).

In the morning we explored the woodland area. We built homes for some woodland animals. Then we talked about the learning we have been doing at school. We have been finding out about guide dogs and how they help blind people. We had to work in pairs. One of us had a blind fold on and the other had to be responsible for helping the 'blind' person. We were really sensible and showed that we know how to be kind and helpful to others.

In the afternoon at Perlethorpe...

Keith took us on an adventure through the woods. We told 'Traditional Tales' and found clues about them in the woods. It was great fun! We all walked really sensibly and it was great exercise. When we got to Cinderella's castle we called to her and she came to one of the windows and waved at us!

We had a workshop all about Hinduism.

We rang the bell to say to the Gods "Are you listening?"

We used powder to welcome the Gods.

We played a small game to help us to concentrate.

Children in Need (November 2015)

We had great fun coming to school dressed up as super heroes. We donated money to help Pudsey Bear help other children who are not as fortunate as we are.

Poppies for Remembrance Day (11th November 2015)

We talked about Remembrance Day. We listened to a song to help us think about Remembrance Day. We had a minutes silence to think about all the people who help keep us safe, especially those who have been injured or died keeping us safe. We made some poppies.

In October some fire fighters came to visit school!

They told us how to keep safe around fires and fireworks. They bought a fire engine with them. We looked around the fire engine and even got to go inside! We found out about the fire engine and the different ways the fire service can help us.

Friday 25th September - The library bus came to school!

We went on the bus and looked at lots of different books. We all love books and stories. We looked at the books with our friends and made sure we turned each page over carefully.

Our first PE lesson! 

On Monday 21st September we had our first PE session. We got changed into our PE kits. We went to work in the blue hall. First we did a warm up to get our bodies ready for PE. Then we use the beanbags and hoops. we had to aim at a hoop and throw our bean bag in. We also experimented with different ways to move around the hall. We had to look for spaces.

Remember to bring your PE kit (black or navy shorts, white t shirt and plimsolls) to school every Monday and please practice getting changed at home. 

Our first day! Thursday 3rd September 2015!

We all worked hard and were great at sharing!

Well done Laurel team...it was a super first morning!