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Summer 1 - 'What happens inside us?' 

This topic work is Science based, with a focus on the function of the human body and how to keep it healthy. We will begin by finding out what the children already know and ask them to locate the organs inside the body. We will then move on to learn all about the human skeleton, balanced diets, sun safety and finally we will complete some ‘Funny Bones’ artwork. The topic will conclude with a visit to the Thinktank Science museum in Birmingham.


Summer 2 - 'Italy'

This is a Geography based topic all about Italy! We will be researching various features including mountains, rivers, volcanoes, cities and population growth. As well as this, we will be measuring temperature using data loggers, learning the numbers 1-10 in Italian and hosting our very own mini EU referendum. Finally, for our topic outcome, we will be inviting parents in to taste test the Italian pizzas we have handmade!

Autumn 1

Our first topic of the year is Light and Sound where we will be taking part in lots of fun activities and experiments. We're going to be thinking about where light and sound comes from and discover what it would be like to be unable to see. We're also going to be investigating reflection and shadows and thinking about how we can protect our eyesight. We'll also take a closer look at how the ear and the eyes work. Finally, we're going to have a go at designing, making and evaluating our own musical instruments.

There's also some really cool homework being sent out for this topic so keep checking the homework section on the website for more details.


Autumn 2

After half term we'll start learning all about the Romans. During this topic we'll learn why the Romans came to Britain, research all about the Roman Gods and Goddesses and learn how to read and write in Roman numerals. We'll also discover what the Romans did for us, why Boudicca is so important as well as making a mosaic and a clay pot.

At the end of the half term, we'll hold a Year 4 Roman day so start thinking about what you can wear to school that day!

Spring Term

During the Spring Term, our Topic will be chocolate. We will launch the unit by sampling a range of chocolate and then we will carry out some market research to discover which types of chocolate are most popular and why. We will design, make and evaluate our own chocolate bar wrappers and we will then use the Ipads to film a persuasive advertisement to promote our chocolate bar.  Our final outcome will be a visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham! smiley

During the term, we will also be rehearsing for the year 3 & 4 production 'Hoodwinked' which is based on Robin Hood.