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Useful Information

What do I need to bring to school?


  • Book Bag
  • Water bottle (water only, please)
  • P.E. kit (Redberry Class have P.E on Monday
  • A smilesmiley

         Book Bag                                      ‚Äč

                  Book Bag                                   Water Bottle                               P.E. Kit


How can I look after my belongings?


  • Make sure your clothes have your name in them. Coats and jumpers are easily lost if they are not named.
  • Hang your coat on your peg.
  • Put your book bag, lunchbox and water bottle in their special places when you get to school.


What will I do in Redberry Class?


You will


  • make friends
  • share and take turns with friends
  • choose your own learning
  • do lots of group activities
  • learn how to be part of a team
  • learn about books and stories
  • learn to tell and act out stories
  • paint, draw and make models
  • learn about numbers and counting
  • learn about shapes, money, measuring and other mathematics
  • use lots of different things like sand, water, games, bikes, scooters, jigsaws, puzzles, puppets, books, whiteboards, pens, crayons, scissors, glue, toy animals, cars, trains, and many more!
  • learn all about phonics to help you read and write
  • learn to be responsible for yourself and your actions
  • go on visits out of school
  • sing and dance
  • look after our classroom and our school
  • have fun!

                             Some of the fun things you might get to do in our Foundation Unit!


What should I do if I am worried about something?


  • Talk to Miss Bassett or Mrs Keeling
  • We want everyone to be happy
  • We will help you to make sure you are happy
  • Talk to your parents too. They need to know if something is worrying you.


Will I have homework?


  • The most important homework is to share books and stories with your parents.
  • We will expect you to practise your reading every day at home.
  • You will get rewards for reading at home.
  • Other homework jobs will be in your book bag.
  • Miss Bassett and Mrs Keeling are always interested to hear about other things you have been doing at home.
  • You can bring things from home to show us, such as swimming certificates, wow notes, photos of achievements, and we will put these in your busy bee file.
                                                          Kipper likes to read at home, too!