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4 special things to remember to bring to school everyday

Important things to remember


Independent Learners

It is important that all children learn to become as independent as possible and we would ask your continued support in developing this. The need to be organised will increase and your child will need to become more responsible for his / her own belongings as well as ensuring that they have brought the necessary equipment to school.


School Uniform

All children are expected to wear the school uniform:

  • Grey/black trousers, skirt, pinafore or shorts.
  • White shirt, blouse or polo shirt.
  • Blue jumper or cardigan.
  • Black shoes with laces or securely fastened.
  • Girls may also wear a blue check dress.
  • The children have the option of purchasing our school tie which we designed with the designer Paul Smith, a past pupil of Beeston Fields.



On Tuesday's we have P.E. Please remember to keep your P.E. kit in school all week ready for our lesson on this day.


Reading & Homework

Please remind your child to bring their reading books and diaries to School everyday, in their Book Bags.

We encourage children to read at home everyday. Parents/carers please make a positive comment in your child's diary. Reading at home is crucial and we encourage all friends and family to be positive role models and to read at home with your child daily.  

Also children are encouraged to complete their 'Buzzing to Read' card in order to get a reward for Reading at Home from our Head Teacher!


In addition to our Literacy lessons, we also have 'Guided Reading' everyday at School and on occasions Jasmine Class team up with their 'Buddy Class'. The children read with their 'Reading Buddy' and always look forward to sharing their books with their friends laugh


Water Bottles

We encourage children to drink water throughout the day to keep themselves hydrated and keep their minds active all day long! Please send your child to School with a bottle of fresh water everyday. Thank you.



Please make sure your child’s name is in all garments brought to school including shoes, bags and coats. Children are responsible for their own garments and equipment.


No Toys

Please do not send your child to school with any toys or anything of special value to them. We cannot take responsibility for any items that may go missing. We will inform you if we have any special days where toys will be allowed to be brought into school.



Playtime for all Key Stage One pupils takes place on the Key Stage One playground and children are supervised by members of staff at all times. Fruit is provided everyday for all Key Stage One children.



If you would like your child to receive Milk at school, please register with ‘Cool Milk’ providers. Pease speak to School Office for  more information. Or click on the link on the 'Parents' Section on the website for information on Online Registration.


Tuck Money

Children can bring in 20p daily for the option of buying  a healthy ‘tuck’ at playtimes from the school kitchen. Children are responsible for looking after their own money.



Lunch is at 12.00 noon and is followed by a period of outside play, supervised by our midday supervisors. As we are a healthy school, please provide a healthy lunchbox if your child is having a packed lunch.


Contact Details

Please keep the School Office updated with all your current contact details; phone numbers and addresses so that we can contact you directly and keep you updated with all school matters efficiently.  



School gates will be open by 8.45am. Children line up in the playground on their coloured spot and wait with their parents/carers for their class teacher to arrive at 8:50am.

Parents should say goodbye in the playground and see their children safely into school.

It is disruptive if children come in late, but if you are late you need to come in through the School Office and sign in. Please be punctual. Please remember that school starts at 8.55 a.m.



Teachers will dismiss classes at 3.30pm from the Yellow Hall exit. Parents please wait on the playground.

If someone different is collecting your child you must inform the School Office, or advise the class teacher in advance.

Pupils are required to say ‘Goodbye’ to their teacher and await permission to leave. Please reinforce this safety rule with your child at home.