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In maths this term, we will be learning...

  • to read and write numbers from 1-20+ in numerals and words,
  • to count to and across 100, from any given number,
  • to count backwards from a given number (up to 100) to 0, 
  • to count in 2s, 5s and 10s,
  • our number pairs to 10, then to 20, 
  • to begin to add, using numbers to 10+, and
  • to begin to subtract, using numbers to 10.

We use a mix of practical activities, games, ICT and written work as appropriate to learn new concepts, and to reinforce things we have learned previously. These include using Numicon, maths games, compare bears etc. as well as interactive resources and games on the iPads or laptops.





We are now using 'My Maths' to set maths homework. The children have all brought home a letter sharing their own user name and password so that they can access the site and get to carry out tasks and activities appropriate to them.

If you have any difficulty in using this site, please let us know and we can try to help. You can get an extra copy of your child's details from us if necessary.