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Reading -

In literacy we will be reading a range of different books. We try to read on our own, to an adult and in a guided group each week.  

This term, as well as reading lots of different story books, we will be looking at non-fiction books about our local area, and the people who help us:



Don’t forget to look out for our famous 'Kidnap the Parents' reading events– you can join your child to read these and other books in school then.


Writing -

This term we will be doing lots of talking, to help us with our writing. We will be practising our sentence writing, including using simple punctuation correctly. We will be writing labels and captions for our pictures and photographs, and  recounts of things we have done. Our writing will be both fiction, and non-fiction, and we will be looking at the features of different types.



Phonics - 

We still do daily phonics sessions in our class. We learn:

  • to recognise the sounds that each letter makes
  • to identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make
  • to blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word  

These help us with our reading, writing and spelling, as well as prepare us for our phonics screening check in June.