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In Year 2 we encourage children to be independent and strive to do things for themselves.


Reading Books

Please ensure children bring their book bags every day - they are expected to read at home when possible, but will have opportunity to read at school too. Reading is a large part of the curriculum and it is important that children have chance to do this regularly.

When children have finished their home reading book they are allowed to change it themselves. We do just ask that they check with their teacher, in case we need to move them on to the next book band stage. Please do not change their book band unless told to do so by a member of staff, as it is important that all children are reading books at the level appropriate to them.



We expect children to be in the correct uniform at all times, unless there is a special trip or activity that requires different clothing - parents will always be advised of this prior to the event.

The correct footwear is also very important - particularly in the colder winter months.


PE Kits

Year 2 children have PE on Tuesdays - please ensure the correct kits are in schools on this day. Children are allowed to leave them in school for the half term if this helps with remembering them!

It is important that children do not have any jewellery on for PE, particularly earrings as we are not allowed to remove these.

PE is a legal requirement and a very important part of the curriculum - promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, so it is important to encourage children to take part in these activities.



There are a variety of homework opportunities in Year 2 - reading their books regularly being one of them.

Children will have a spelling test every Friday, as well as a variety of maths and topic homework throughout the half term.