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Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

We all use language to think and communicate. Language is organised by its grammar, punctuation and spelling and we cannot make sense of it without understanding these structures. Your child already has an extensive grammatical knowledge. Teaching this year will focus will help them to extend their range and develop more confident and versatile language use.


How can I help my child with their Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling?

Children in Year 6 will be asked to complete weekly sessions on www.spag.com (please click on the link to view). The laptops will be available on a Thursday lunchtime for children who don’t have access to the internet at home. Your child has already received a username and password which should be stuck in their reading diaries. They should use this to 'log in' to the website at the top right hand corner of the screen.


Weekly spellings will be sent home for your child to learn. Please make sure that they have understood the spelling rule/pattern as this will help them to apply their learning within their own writing.