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Summer Term 1


In English we will:


  • use and punctuate direct speech
  • create noun phrases
  • use commas to separate items in lists
  • organise paragraphs around a theme
  • learn the features of an explanation text
  • use a wider range of conjunctions to write sentences with more than one clause


In maths we will:


  • identify properties of 2-d shapes and drawing these
  • recognise and describing 3-d shapes
  • make models of 3-d shapes
  • identify horizontal and vertical lines
  • identify pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines
  • identify right angles
  • identify angles that are greater and less than a right angle
  • identifythe number of right angles in half, three-quarters and a whole turn
  • recognise equivalent fractions
  • compare and order fractions


Our topic is 'A Bug’s Life'. We will investigate the following questions:


  • What is an animal?
  • Where do butterflies come from?
  • How does a caterpillar hide from predators?
  • How do animals adapt to their environment?
  • How can we celebrate what makes us special?