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Year 2 Curriculum

Our learning for Summer Term: 



This term we are thinking about how we can make sure our writing is becoming more technically accurate through using the correct punctuation, neat handwriting, accurate spelling and improving sentences by including description and connectives. 

We are looking at different types of sentences; commands (bossy), statements (true) and questions, which will help the children use a wider range of sentence types in their written work. We are also looking at adjectives and adverbs and again how they can add detail and improve the children's writing for the audience.  

We are learning this through a range of texts both narrative; Katie Morag and non-fiction including information texts about Seasides, linking in with our topic 'Seasides in the Past'. 


Guided Reading: 

All classes and year groups throughout the school have a Guided Reading session every day. They are split into 4 small groups that work on a carousel of activities - every child will have done each of the activities by the end of the week.

Activity 1 - A Guided Read with the class Teacher

Activity 2 - A Reciprocal Read with the class Teaching Assistant

Activity 3 - Silent reading their own reading or library book

Activity 4 - An independent task related to the week's learning, usually involving children using their reading skills to access a piece of text or set of instructions.


Please Note: 'Reciprocal Reading' is an activity which allows the children to explore texts, predict outcomes, discuss things/vocabulary that confuses them, question the plot and characters and summarise the events. All of which help the children become confident, natural readers. We also focus in on specific skills such as decoding - applying their phonics and inference - developing their understanding of a text.  



We are focusing on number skills this term.

Looking at the topics:

*place value

*counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s

*addition and subtraction 

*problem solving applying the children's understanding of addition and subtraction.

*learning the number bonds to 10 and 20 and the associated subtraction facts. 

We have recently signed up to a new resource called MY MATHS - your child will have brought home a letter explaining how to access this resource online as well as having login details stuck into their reading diaries. If you have any questions about this though, please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Coleman.


Topic: Seasides in the Past

Our last term of this academic year sees children exploring how our ancestors used to enjoy trips to the seaside, looking at the geography of the seaside but also comparing the history of it and how it has changed over the years. Children will make comparisons between the Seaside from Victorian times and what they are like now. 

They will produce seaside themed artwork, explore information texts and have the chance to make a model light house. 

They will also link some of their learning to last term's topic by exploring the animals and wildlife that live in coastal areas in the UK.